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12 Servings Per Box

Ignite EFC is formulated as a smart drink that boosts your energy, while preventing fatigue, for razor sharp clarity throughout the day and night. The power of Ignite EFC will improve your attention span, which automatically improves your memory and the ability to recall information.

Ignite EFC is a mood enhancer that promotes cellular health, enhances mood, promotes mental sharpness, and gives lasting, no-jitters energy. Neurotransmitters in Ignite EFC allows you to think in HD along with significantly increase your endurance and performance in all daily activities. It's a smart drink for athletic performance as well as a healthy alternative to prescription ADD/ADHD medications. Be smart! Drink Ignite EFC.

Natural Goodness With...

  • NO Sugar
  • NO Artificial Sweeteners
  • NO GMOs
  • NO Artificial Flavors
  • NO Artificial Colors
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Corn Syrup
  • NO Yeast, Dairy, Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Fish/Shellfish


  • Increases Focus
  • Promotes Mental Clarity
  • Provides Lasting Energy
  • Enhances Mood
  • No Crash


Rhodiola Rosea - aid in correcting imbalances within the body caused by mental or physical stressors. It also works hard on strengthening the immune system. Rhodiola offers antidepressant effects: improves mood and decreases depression. This herb has also been noted to reduce symptoms of fatigue and increase attention span.

Methylcobalamin - superior form of vitamin B12. It offers neurological support and increased cognitive function. It is also great for natural energy boost

L-Tyrosine - improve alertness and potentially boost mood

L-Arginine - An amino acid essential to the body for cardiovascular support. Offers vasodilation which allows for more oxygen rich blood to flow throughout the body. Increased oxygen naturally reduces fatigue and increases mental alertness.

L-Taurine - This is an amino acid that is produced by the body and not dependent on outside nutritional sources. However, additional supplementation has been shown to improve alertness and help with conditions such as ADD/ADHD.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine - Acts as a powerful antioxidant which helps prevent brain cell deterioration. This is found in nearly all cells of the body and protects, maintains, and energizes the neurons that are critical to concentration, memory, mental energy, and overall health.

Tongkat Ali Root Powder - Increases overall performance and longevity. May also be an effective approach to shielding the body from the detrimental effects of “modern” chronic stress.

Ashwagandha - Aids in the body’s ability to heal against the many adverse effects of stress. Has been used with success to treat depression and anxiety with no adverse effects. It also has several additional medicinal properties: is known to help treat disorders such as fatigue, rheumatism, impotence, premature aging and constipation.

Kola Nut - The kola nut is the fruit of the kola tree. It contains caffeine and is often used as a beverage flavoring agent. It is used for several medicinal reasons based on its ability to help with depression and mental as well as physical exhaustion.

Yerba Mate - A natural form of caffeine gathered from a leaf. It is also used as an overall body stimulant to relieve physical and mental exhaustion. The increased brain stimulation allows for mental clarity and increased focus.

Guarana - A plant from the Amazon that contains seeds used for many medicinal purposes. Aims to increase cognitive function, boost mood, and promote weight loss. Does contain natural caffeine.

Choline - Similar to the B Vitamins. Increases physical endurance and also great for brain function and mood stability.

DMAE - Dimethylethanolamine increases vigilance and alertness with positive influences on mood. Research regarding ADHD and this supplement has shown benefits/improvement. “Works primarily by supporting healthy neurotransmitter function, particularly the production and action of acetylcholine.

Huperzine A - Promotes healthy acetylcholine levels which have an important role in the in sustaining attention. The deficiency in acetylcholine (ACh) is associated with the memory loss in Alzheimer. ACh also aids in REM sleep which is the dreaming and recovery stage of sleep.

Niacin - (Vit B3) Involved in multiple processes in the body where carbohydrates are converted to energy for the body to use. It has also been shown to have antioxidant effects as well as some detoxification benefits. Just these factors alone allow for increased cellular health which improves overall well-being.

Natural Caffeine - The caffeine is coming from natural sources such as the Kola nut, Yerba Mate, and Guarana. For reference: A can coke contains 34 mg caffeine, Red Bull contains 80mg, and a standard 8oz. cup of brewed coffee contains 163mg. Caffeine is a stimulant and can increase heart rate and blood pressure. IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVITIES TO CAFFEINE PLEASE USE CAUTION AND CONSULT WITH YOUR MEDICAL PROVIDER.

Malic Acid - Most commonly used as a natural food additive. It is responsible for the sour taste of unripe fruits and wines.

Stevia - Stevia is an all-natural sweetener and sugar substitute. It is derived from a leaf native to South America and has been used for centuries to sweeten teas and other herbal drinks. It has no carbohydrates, calories, or artificial ingredients.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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